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The Pink Samurai: March 2013

The Pink Samurai

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daily Drawing: 90 | 3 Months

Today marks the end of three whole months of daily drawings!  I hope you've been enjoying them ^_^

This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details!

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Last Week, on Instagram

Last week was, without a doubt, one of my favorite weeks.  Just ever.  Andy and I took time off for a stay-cation and explored all around the DC, VA, MD area.  We went everywhere!  My sweet little car finally crossed over the 100k mile mark and I couldn't have been more proud of the beat up girl.

The short break was really fun, and aside from exploring, we took the time to work on personal projects and make plans for the future.  We've both got some fun things on the horizon and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Dinosaur Land!
Luray Caverns!
Ocean City, MD!

My to-do list means nothing to Sprinkles.  I did a lot of blog design and planning this week and I'm so excited for where I want to take things!
Late-night crocheting.  I'll be adding some new stuff to my shop this week!
We hopped over to Monticello on Friday.  More pics to come!

Maybe some day, I'll figure out how to make every week like this week ^_^


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daily Drawing: 89 | Anywhere You Want

Today we took one more bitty trip.  Not gonna lie...I'm over driving :P  We hopped over to Annapolis to help a friend of ours photograph some of his paintings and drawings for a couple of upcoming shows and stopped by my parents' house on the way back home to say hi.  My mom, who's been my constant influence for craftiness since I was little, is working on a really cool project right now!  We're in the planning stages now, but hopefully there will be more to come soooon.

This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details!

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Ocean City, MD

A couple of days ago, Andy and I trekked out to the beach!  I actually went to school just 30 mins from  Ocean City, MD and would spend a good deal of time on the boardwalk, or just walking along the water to get away from school stresses.  It's such a fun place full of fried food and arcades...it's like a kitschy tourist's dream!  A quick word of advice...go in the off-season.  Or if you have to go in the middle July, get to the beach reeeally early in the morning.  Morning time is just so nice there, and the beach can fill up quickly, so you want to get a good spot.

The day we went it was a little overcast, but the clouds would pass every now and then leaving it really warm and bright.  And it was super windy...but that just meant the boardwalk was pretty empty and the Atlantic was rollin'.

Our first stop was Bayside Skillet.  My friend Kendall first took me here when I was her design intern.  The crepes here are just out of this world!  They're piled high with fruit and this ridiculous creme.

Off season = free parking, spots right on the boardwalk.  We came in at Dolle's, an OC institution, they make delicious taffy!  I just had to stand in front of their super cute candy door. 
Ocean Gallery is absolutely insane.  I've actually never been in, since it's usually packed with people...and product.  The inside is very much like the out!  Another really great institution.  I was a little disappointed it was closed, but I'd never seen the art on the doors...so that was a fun surprise!  You know I love some hand-drawn type.

Ripley's is very much like the other Ripley's, but I still love visiting!  The light tunnel scares me every time and I can never resist a good mirror maze.  There's also some two-way mirror fun...but I won't spoil the surprise for you if you go ~_^
Eat Fisher's Pop Corn.  That is all.
And no Ocean City trip would be complete without some skeeball and ticket hoarding.  Andy and I have this game we found that we're just silly good at.  Look at these tickets!  We got so much stuff!

After we walked all around the boardwalk, popping in the shops and smelling the delicious funnel cakes that I'm kicking myself for not getting right now, we hopped over to my old stomping grounds.  There's a great Mexican restaurant there so we stuffed ourselves silly with chips and queso and then started back home.  It was such a fun day!

I hope you like peeking at some of our travels and it inspires to visit these places or find similar fun things to do in your area!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Daily Drawing: 88 | Road-trippin

We took advantage of our time off again today and popped over to Monticello!  I'd never been and it's one of those places that I'd just always wanted to visit.  I took a few photos that I'll share soon.  It took about 3 hours to get there, so Andy and I listened to a Star Trek: TNG novel on audio book (our new favorite road trip activity!) and talked the whole time.  It was a really fun day ^_^

This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details!

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First Crochet Class

So I mentioned this a while back and it took me way too long to post about it.  At my day-job, they've got lots of after-work events, usually some kind of happy hour or yoga.  But I was asked to do a crochet class, and I absolutely obliged.

Being completely self-taught (mostly by youtube :P), I was super nervous that I'd be terrible teacher. So the weekend before, Andy was the best husband ever and let me teach him a slipknot, chain and single crochet!  It was a huge help to really tell where I was over or under communicating.  Any time you have to present anything, I recommend a dry-run every single time.  That weekend before, I also went to Michael's and picked up some yarn and hooks.  We used a chunky Bernat and 9mm hooks...I thought it would be easier for them to see their work on the big stuff.

About 9 people showed up and it was super fun!  I'm not gonna lie, learning a new craft, no matter what it is, can be hard.  But everyone did really great!  I was so proud of everyone's progress and it was great the following week when they'd come up to me and show me pics of how their projects were progressing.

I would love to have the opportunity to teach some more.  Learning a new skill is so fun and so rewarding.  Seeing how people can take the knowledge you give them and turn it into something all their own is just...awesome! 

Also, a huge thanks to my friend Kristen Kochanski for taking photos.  Aside from her photography...she's also started a food blog.  So ridiculously talented!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Daily Drawing: 87 | Prototyping

I crocheted today!  I just posted some sweet selfies on instagram of a couple of springy scarves I've been messing with today.  Most people avoid crocheted scarves the spring and summer and I'm working on some ways to bridge the seasonal gap.  I'll definitely share some of my works in progress as they...progress :P

Also, I let my hair air-dry and didn't do anything but comb my bangs.  Things got a lil out of hand.

This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details!

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Luray Caverns

Last Tuesday, while adventuring to Dinosaur Land, Andy and I took the time to hop over the Luray Caverns.  We'd been wanting to go on a Cave Date ever since the first time we drove out into the wilds of Virginia together.  There's a really great Antique Mall out there that I'd wanted to visit and on the way out, there were so many road signs for all the different caves in the area.  The only cave we've ever visited was a dry form cave in Texas.  Luray is very different.  I knew it was going to be huge...and unlike anything I'd ever seen before.  But I did not expect the magnitude of it all.  Along with growing up loving dinosaurs, I was really fascinated with rocks in general.  My dad used to take me to local rock shows and I'd get to pick out a favorite to add to my collection.   Geology class was one of my favorites in college.  Until we had to calculate half lives...eff that.  But I think part of the appeal to me is the idea that this stuff is so old.  The passage time coupled with mother nature can do incredible things together.

I digress!  Luray Caverns!

When you drive in, there's hedge maze, a small ropes course, an antique car museum, and couple more little eatery / toy shop places.  It's like the smallest theme park you've ever seen.  A little odd, but it works!  The entrance to the cavern showcases some artifacts from when it was first discovered and some gorgeous memorabilia from the 18–1900s.  They take small groups down every 10 mins...

This is the original entrance to the cavern.  It was a small sink hole that three guys just happened upon and started digging up.  They'd thought there might be cave.  Clearly, they were correct :P
Oh look!  A wild Husband appeared!  I love that we get to share the crazy experiences together.  These places are fun to go to, but it's really the company that makes it so special.
This was the largest body of water in the cavern.  The water was so still, it made perfect reflections of the ceiling above it.  This photo just do not do it justice.  It was breathtaking!
I think this formation was my favorite.  I need more synonyms for, "incredible".
This is the largest formation in the whole place.  See the silhouettes of the people on the bottom right?  I usually try to avoid a lot of people in my touristy photos, but I'm so glad you can really the scale from this shot!
Watch for falling jazz-hands!  I couldn't resist.
Again, the magnitude of this place.  There are so many levels that twist up and down and around.
Left: Jabba the Hutt.  Right: a fallen stalactite.  He actually fell thousands of years ago and starts growing into the formation next to him. 
This larger room housed their famous organ.  They found that flicking the formations would produce notes, so they catalogued the notes and made an organ.  Duh.  I took a quick Vine if you want to hear what it sounds like.  Also, please forgive the horrible auto-correct if you to do take a peek haha!
On the way out, in the very last tunnel, I saw this teeny drip.  This little guy is the start of something huge!  They only grow milimeters per year, so I bet this guy is older than you think.  I just thought it was so cool to go through and see formations that are immense and thousands of years old...then seeing this bitty start of something big.
 If you ever have the chance, definitely check out Luray Caverns.  Check out their site and plan a trip!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Daily Drawing: 86 | Hello, Atlantic

So yesterday we were up in the mountains of Virginia and today we drove to the beaches of Maryland. Ocean City, MD is a special place, full of kitsch, fried foods and super-fun arcades.  I went to school just about half an hour away and loved being able to pop over and just walk in the ocean whenever I felt like it.

We visited a couple of years ago around the same time of year and the off-season is definitely the time to go.  The summer it just turns into a mad house of tourists, and living in DC, I get more than my fair share of bumbling fanny packs.  So even though it can be a bit cold, April-ish works best for us.

Anyway!  I'll share some photos later this week.  Now for the Daily Drawing!

This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details!

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