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The Pink Samurai: September 2011

The Pink Samurai

Sunday, September 04, 2011

SuperCute Sunday #6


So in keeping with my ridic love for nail polish, this week's SuperCute Sunday is full of awesome video tutorials from my favorite nail art youtubers. (Saying tuber reminded me of this) Check out these great videos and head over to their channels to see even more awesome stuff.

Cute Polish is just silly. She's good and so original! See also: Back to School and everyone knows I love Hello Kitty.

If you love Lisa Frank, then you'll love this one. I haven't really delved into sccastsneda's other video. I think I prefer Lisa Eldridge and Kandee Johnson for beauty videos (I watch them almost every day haha). But this nail tutorial was so great!

Pink and Pandas. So cute. I haven't watched this one yet, but it's next on the list.

I hope you like these videos...I think they're really fun ^_^