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The Pink Samurai: September 2012

The Pink Samurai

Monday, September 17, 2012

Doin' it up

So I jumped in and listed my scarves on Etsy ^_^  I'm lucky enough to have some pretty great photographers to help me out and I couldn't be happier with how the listings look!  A special thanks so Laura Fruchterman and Ashley Oliver!  The best part is the behind the scenes photos tho...


I'm really excited for this new venture...I can't even tell you how much a love to make these things.  I'm that person on the metro in the morning on the way to work with giant, obnoxious scarf and hooks going everywhere.  Projects come with me on my lunch, and Andy doesn't mind that we're sitting in the middle of Potbelly with yarn all over the place <3 fun="fun" nbsp="nbsp" o="o" p="p">

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Collection Coming Together

So I've been feverishly working up samples to photograph for my application to Crafty Bastards.  I've made up about 10 to put up in the shop and need to choose which ones to submit with my artist statements and all that jazz.  I also decided that I'm all in with making a catalogue and lookbook for each season ^_^  We'll see what happens!

Here's some more...please indulge my instagram pics...

I'm on fire! Triple-wrapped bnw infinity.
Ermahgerd! 2700 stitches, this one took all day! Exploring my fall color palette.
Holy crap this one turned out way better than I'd hoped!


Saturday, September 08, 2012

A New Obsession

So I've tried to learn to crochet a couple of times and each time I got pretty frustrated because I just wasn't getting it.  But, when I found out my cousin was expecting his first baby, I wanted to make something really meaningful that he and his family could have forever, so I decided to pick up the hook again.  Pinterest has been the biggest help and I've got an obnoxiously large board full of inspirations and tutorials.  After watching countless videos and going all @_@ trying to learn how to read those crazy patterns, I had a few granny squares under my belt and serious problem with buying yarn.  I've still got to piece the rest of the blanket together (I totally picked the hardest way to do this completely inadvertently) and send it along to their now 1 week old little boy.

Whilst learning and practicing, though, I've made a few different scarves for friends and most to keep (because I already had a pre-existing condition of collecting scarves).  Here's what I made!

Scallop edge
Circle scarf
Sassy puff stitch
Crazy youtube tut scarf
At the doctors...yeah...I'm that person.
Crochet commute
New cowl and Turk's opinions

Also, the cats are the worst helpers ever.

Right now I'm working on some of my own patterns and designs and hoping to get into a couple of craft fairs this holiday season.  There's a big one in DC that I'm pretty sure I won't get into, and the deadline for application is in about a week!  I've already got my fall color palette for this first collection and I'm feverishly making up samples and hoping to get some stuff shot soon!  Wish me luck!