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The Pink Samurai: May 2009

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Acquired a new piece

Dick saw this outside by the dumpster and we couldn't let it get thrown away.  We're planning to totally refurbish it.  Some paint, maybe get some comics on there.  The rain is keeping us from going crazy right now though.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spock is Sexy

Just saw that my Spock is Sexy buttons were featured in Treasury!  By the way, go see Star Trek.  It made me so happy.

I've been listing on Etsy all morning and spending some time in the forums promoting some new button designs.

We signed up for our table at Otakon and are waiting for the confirmation.  I've already started gearing up for it and I'm hitting the ground running this year!  I wasn't able to get a table last, which was a huge bummer, so I'm really going to make it count this year.  Check out some of our new designs:

More designs are on the way, just trying to space them out over the day.  Best way to get exposure on Etsy you know.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Before & After Bike Spectacular

So Dick loves bikes and loves fixing them up.  Here's the latest and greatest!


He was looking for a larger frame because he's so tall and the one he's been riding is perfect for someone under 6 foot.  He found this one on craigslist and it was a hot mess.  Now, not so much.


So awesome!  We found the perfect bright red and I love the black fork.  I'm not cool enough to ride without brakes, but this just a gorgeous stripped down bike.  Check out our living room now lol:

Oh my God!  They're everywhere!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vintage Button Earrings Tutorial

I was in an art sale a couple weeks ago at my school and got a great response.  I had some earrings made from vintage buttons I've procured from over the years that went over really well and I thought I'd do a quick how-to so you can throw some together yourself!  They are super simple and the possibilities are only inhibited by your own creativity.

Gather your supplies!

-Couple sets of pliers
-2 medium jump rings
-2 small jump rings
-2 french hoops 

Take a medium jump ring and open it up with your pliers. Be really gentle and hold one side steady while you move the other side straight back. Try not to twist it open apart, they can be a pain to get back into shape if you go all wonky with it. 

Put your button on to the jump ring. Make sure you can close it with enough room to attach the next ring. I've had to go another size up before, all depends on how far away the button's hole is to the edge. 

Close it up!

Open the smaller jump ring just like the medium one before it.

Put your medium jump ring, with button attached, onto the new smaller one. 

Add your french hook onto the still open small jump ring. Make sure you take a second and think about which side will be facing out. This is only important when you have two different sides to your button. I do in this case. 

Tada! You have an earring! Now do it again! 

A pretty pair of vintage button earrings! Hope you liked it!  Now go to Salvation Army or Goodwill, grab a giant bag of buttons for $1 and get to work.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Etsy Giveaways

So Etsy Giveaways Blog is my new favorite thing.  I found out about a while ago and added it to my Google Reader right quick.  Everyday, post blogs about giveaways that Etsy sellers are having on their own blogs.  I've used them before and saw that my own readership increased because of it!  I've also won some really cool stuff because of it too.

Pandacub Cafe offered up some goodies a few weeks ago and I totally won!  I love her shop and blog, so I was really excited.  She even let me swap out part of prize for a pair of earrings that I had hearted in her shop...and wear them all the time.  I already gave my sister the pair of blue panda pony tail holders (I kept the pink ones) and the bobby pins are going to be a perfect birthday gift for a cousin that may or may not be reading this, so I'll keep it on the DL.  

I've also won a couple other pairs of earrings and a necklace, so I'll try and keep up and post them here.  Until then, please visit Pandacub's Shop!  You'll love everything, I promise ^_^

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