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The Pink Samurai: November 2012

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scoutmob: Shoppe Feature

Hiiiii!  So, this holiday season has been super busy!  I had no idea it would be so crazy :P

My shop is featured on Scoutmob right now with a holiday discount and free shipping!  Check it ououout:

I'm so awkward!  Anyway, super exciting and the orders are already starting to come in.  I've got some Christmas crafting to do today, and will hopefully be posting some cool projects and updating more regularly ^_^

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Crafty Bastards

Crafty Bastards was incredible!

First off, I'm still astounded that I was accepted into this show.  I was in the same row as Jay McCarroll!  It was so great to be right next to Neogranny, meet Milk & Honey Bags in real life (her instagram is great!) and be approached for some wholesale opportunities.  Such a wonderful day that, hopefully, will lead to even more wonderful days.

Here's some pics from instagram...

Unpacking begins.  The booth was close to the front entrance and we had a straight line to the potties.  Essential. 

Getting the banner and fringe hung was a big win haha!  Note shown: the obscene amount of bright pink duct tape that's holding it all together.

All ready!

This was my view during the VIP hour from 9-10.  It was pretty chill...just people doing their first rounds.

And this is the face of a girl who made her first sale!!!  

Also, spent the day battling my fringe.

This was my view for the rest of the day.  It was insane!

Then it thinned out a lil :P

There was a gorgeous sunset behind this one...I promise.

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