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The Pink Samurai: January 2007

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Crafter's Crossroads

So for a long time now, I've had this passion for making purses. I have all the fabric in all the world crammed into every nook and cranny of my room. I have strands of thread attached to clothes that I've never worn while sewing. Which is mind blowing when you're at work and there's a pink thread hanging off your black heels. Everything I have done, craft wise, has revolved around the idea that "I am a purse designer". Too bad it turns out that every other female 20-something with a Singer thinks the same thing. Every girl with a stitch of creativity and a JoAnn's in driving distance wants to be the next Juicy Couture. I know because I feel the same way. The Pink Samurai. Who wouldn't want a Pink Samurai bag/shirt/accessory? But it's hard to be original when there are so many people doing it. There's been a recent boom in crafting, so now it seems to be the hip thing to get into. So what's a poor girl to do?

Think of something new? Sure.
Copy something else and make it better? Definitely.

With the purse market pretty much full to capacity on the internets, I've had to think of new ways to be creative and make a buck. These have proved to do the job:

They are pixel coasters I used to recreate classic mario characters. Two passions of mine have fused into one. Pretty cool huh? Now these little guys encompass both ideas. I hadn't seen it anywhere else so I jumped at it. After I had sold a few simpler versions...still perfecting the idea...I began seeing more and more similar products popping up in the crafting community. Great minds think a like you know. So what did I do then? Made it better than everyoneelse's. Booyakasha. Sometimes I like to toot my own horn...you'll learn that about me.

So those are still going well. I make all kinds, and recently ran through my first bag of 6,000 black beads. Time to reorder! But reordering takessooooo long. Lame. More dilemmas . Frustrated with the purse situation and out of beads, I start to get restless. I'm the kind of person that needs to have something to do. Something to work towards and a goal to meet, or else I don't do anything. I tried quilting, but I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I made a nice block and looked really good (toot tooting my horn again), but it was just no fun to make. Laziness starts to take hold and procrastination is at an all time high after thisdebacle. So I picked up a craft that seems to be relatively ignored by the Neo-Crafters . Cross Stitch. Not your Grandma's Christmas ornaments or that tacky jumper with the teddy bear holding a heart you got for your 10th birthday. I'm talking awesome to the max. Check it:

It's a Latin phrase, loosely translated to mean "Don't let the bastards grind you down". Bitchin. Here's a close up photo of the bird. I'm especially happy of the the way they turned out because it took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to come up with the design and I changed it while in the middle of stitching.

So, in short, my crafting journey is still in progress. I strive everyday to make something unique. Something that says something about myself. Something that will make me moneylol.

Hopefully I'll be able to share more crafty adventures and pictures and all that jazz. If you took the time to read through this, I thank you! Please comment, as I would love all the feedback I can get! Share your crafty stories and ideas...it'll be great.