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The Pink Samurai: February 2011

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Finds - Jewelry Boxes

So I got a bug up my butt this morning to go looking for jewelry boxes. I have lots of jewelry just kind of strew about and in lots of paper boxes and I'd love a place to organize it all. Check out some of my favorite finds!

McKenna Large Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn. I've been lusting after most of the jewelry boxes from here, but this one is just so gorgeous! Simple & beautiful. Their travel cases are amazing, too.

Mitzi Mirrored Jewelry Box from Crate and Barrel. I don't usually go for metal or mirrored accessories, but I love how minimal this is. I feel like it would look sweet and subtle on a dresser.

This one is just pink and ridiculous :P

Hinged Jewelry Boxes from the Horchow Collection. I can't get over these colors. I kind of want 3 of them to makes a super cute color palette on my dresser.

This box is vintage but was restyled by funkeyfinds over on Etsy. I think it's super cute.

I'm just girlie enough to really appreciate a musical ballerina jewelry box ^_^ This one from ClassicByNature on Etsy is in gorgeous shape and love the colors and details.

The shape of this handmade box is so pretty! I kind of love it. From Woodstorming on Etsy.

I love Totoro so much! I actually found this box at this awesome little Japanese boutique in Dupont Circle in DC, but JList has it too ^_^

This is not practical at all, but good lord Rilakkuma is so awesome. Another JList find. He would probably make a better planter than jewelry box, really. Omg can you imagine flowers coming out of the back of his head? Yes, pls.

And no list describing any kind of retail product would not be complete without representation from Hello Kitty. I kind of love this display case for jewelry. Not amazingly practical, but if you've got some super cute stud earrings I think they would look adorable on these shelves!

I hope you liked my picks!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Some things I've been up to over on tumblr. Figure I'll still check in and do regular posts over here, too. It's kind of fun to have both...and I can do bigger stuff like tutorials and giveaways here ^_^

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