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The Pink Samurai: February 2010

The Pink Samurai

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Frap!

I know this is super old in Internet years, but it still makes me giggle nonetheless. Also, on a side note, I love that "nonetheless" is 3 words in 1.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Katsucon Experience

So one of the things I do as an artist to get my work out there is to go to different conventions. I've been to Otakon in Baltimore twice, it's the second largest Anime convention in the country with about 20,000 attendees a year. Wizard World Philly once, it's a comic convention hosted by Wizard Magazine. And last weekend was my first time at Katsucon, a smaller Anime convention in DC that has about a couple thousand that attend. So far, Otakon has been my greatest success, I doubled my profit the second year I went and this year we are planning to move from the Artist Alley to the Dealer's Room, which WAY more people visit and fork over their cash ^_^

Katsucon was kind of disappointing. I had a good time, my sister came with me and my friends Clint & Alicia from Alicia's Anime were in the dealer's room so we got to hang out when we needed a break from our booths. The disappointing part was how the con was run. It was their first year in a new venue, which always has it's issues, but those of us in the Artist Alley definitely had our qualms. The Crafter's Corner of the Alley was were people who do 3D art, amigurumi, jewelry, cosplay, buttons, etc. could have their booths. First we were promised a space in the dealer's room, which was super exciting! Then they came back and said we were moved back into the Alley, but they would open the divider between the Dealer's Room and the Alley so we would have more exposure. Ok! Sounds great! And it was for the first day, but then on Saturday, which is generally the busiest day of any weekend convention, the wall was closed, and stayed closed the rest of the time. Lame.

Another complaint some of the artist's had were the specifics of what could be sold. Generally, artist sell mostly Fan Art and commissions for Fan Art and a little bit of original stuff. Katsucon wanted very little fan art and mostly original stuff. They pushed the point by making some artist take down some of their work once they were already there. And with my buttons, there was a tiny rule that I never saw that said you couldn't sell buttons with words on them. So all of those new buttons I designed? Yeah, they made me take them down. Half of my stock was taken down. If they had been more specific I would have spent a lot more time on other designs that would have been acceptable. Super Lame.

I know a few of the artists this year that not going back to that con. It would definitely take a lot for me to do that con again. But we made the best of it, made a profit at least and got some good photos. Here's the pictures, which is what most of you are going to look and pay no attention to my tl:dr ^_^

My view on the first day. I could see into the dealer's room with people moving back and forth through both rooms. Plus I could run over and see Alicia's Anime quick like a bunny!
My booth on Friday. Look at all those pretty buttons! And my pretty sister! She was trainer from Pokemon.
Button close-up.
Jackie! Gotta catch 'em all.
Professor Sprout was there! I'm glad she was wearing the proper protective ear muffs for the Mandrakes.
Domo kun was there, too.
This was our view on Saturday and Sunday. Awesome o.O
GAH! Storm and Scout Troopers! I was SO happy to see them. We were just chillin.
And don't forget R2D2. I love how he's cheesin ^_^
Gagas! Jackie took this one, I never saw them but I was super excited when I saw the pic on the camera.
Dr. Who cast? Yes, please.
This sushi's name is Paco. He was covered in buttons by the end of the weekend!
She came by every day stock up on more buttons ^_^
The booth on Saturday with the Alley behind us.
They stuck the gamers in the back of the hall.
In the dealer's room. There were lots of swords.
Happy Japan was there! I love them.
Alicia & Clint from Alicia's Anime. I love them! Check out there site, they have so much cool stuff.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My workspace at 12:00 am

My workspace at 12:00 am, originally uploaded by thepinksamurai.

So I've been working on stuff for Katsucon this weekend and totally forgot about the books I need to bind! They are just going to be spiral bound, but I need to have them done by tomorrow...along the hundreds of buttons I've been cutting out. Goodness gracious!

Also, I like that I'm taking time to blog and flickr instead of actually working >_<

Saturday, February 06, 2010


This is Dick, my boyfriend, barefoot in the snow. He's about 6'2" and it was up to his knees at about 3:00 but it's accumulated about 6 more inches since then. What silly weather.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Some New Designs!

I've been working on a bunch of new designs for Katsucon (Next weekend!) and here are some of them. I have about 30, but I don't want to overload my shop, so 10 will work for today. Let me know what you think!

Sweet Lolita & Sweet Rococo has some beautiful sweet loli dresses!
Harajuku Girl. My sister got me a dress from the Harajuku District ^_^
No, I will NOT draw you as an anime character! For people with great talent who get taken advantage of by their friends lol
Yummy Sushi! Give me a spicy tuna roll any day.
This says Kawaii - it means cute!
I draw anime. I wish I could draw it well.

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