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The Pink Samurai: January 2012

The Pink Samurai

Monday, January 30, 2012

Music Monday

It's really late in the day, so I've chosen my favorite thing to listen to before bed. Rocky Votolato's Makers album has been helping me chill out in the evenings since 2006. It will always be a favorite and my go to when I need to unwind.


Monday, January 23, 2012



Sprinkle, the greedy kitten,
Sprinkles, she's always gettin,
Way more milk than she deserves.
Sprinkle the greedy kitten!

(Sung to the tune of Lambert the Sheepish Lion.) I hope you enjoy gratuitous pictures of my favorite little girl ^_^ She hollers at me every day for milk and has the sweetest coo for purr.


Music Monday

Camera Obscura - French Navy

No museums this weekend, so today is a Music Monday! Every morning I wake up a little early and have breakfast and check my internets and listen to music. I like to listen to stuff that makes me happy in the morning...helps me prepare for the day and really get the day off on the right foot. I'm listening to this right now and smiling ^_^


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Self Portraits - Jan. 15-21, 2012

I've been drawing self portraits every day and sharing them on instagram. It's a fun daily exercise...and it helps me keep track of my outfits, ha. I figured each Saturday I could share the weeks worth ^_^




Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whiterock Overlook

On our honeymoon to Santa Fe, we took some time to visit a special scenic overlook called Whiterock Overlook. We stopped off here on the way to Bandolier, which I'll share next week. But the overlook was just so amazingly breath-taking. I could've stayed there all day. And I'm convinced that sunrise and sunset there would be so beautiful I'd just throw up everywhere.

This waterfall and stream were so gorgeous. It was so quiet you could hear the water falling and the river babbling.

A closer shot.

The other side of this cactus is oblivion! I made poor Andy so nervous by playing at the edge.

But he stood pretty close, too ^_^

I love cacti! Succulents are my favorites.

The Rio Grand. We could hear the rushing river! I just can't accurately describe how amazing it is to hear that and be surrounded by such natural beauty.


We bought a Holga at a small photo shop on the plaza and had so much taking pictures! I'll share what we got developed from it and the Lomo we brought along ^_^



That's the very edge of the mesa.
See that railing? See that shear drop? Yeah. I'm a badass.

Getting out there on the edge of a mesa was no problem. But turning around and have my perif just be a straight drop more than 100 feet down was...disconcerting. But I was on the edge of an effing mesa!!! So awesome.
This last one is from Andy's instagram ^_^

I still can't get over how gorgeous it was there. So peaceful and quiet, with a cool breeze blowing and the sound of the river rushing and the waterfall quietly rolling over the rocks behind us. Just phenomenal.


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Off Fun

Photo on 2012-01-16 at 16.26 #3

We're enjoying a fun day off...filled with planning and blogging and drawing and kittens and shopping and movies and videogames and everything good! Turks has had an extension of the weekend, and for WeekendCat, that's the best possible outcome for a Monday.

I'm about to write a quick post about the DC Tattoo Expo this weekend, but I got distracted by the kitten on my lap and the sale that modcloth is having right now ^_^ I'll try to concentrate, since I'm pretty excited to share some news regarding the expo!



Sunday, January 15, 2012

DC Tattoo Expo


So coming out of the Metro on Thursday night after work, we were greeting by this giant sign infront of the perpetually-under-construction Einstein Bagels in the lobby of the Marriot. It sounds ridiculous, but Crystal City is a ridiculous place. Anyway! Tattoos!!!

When we got home, I googled the expo and peeped through all the artists that were there and decided we'd go during the weekend. I had an inkling of a thought that I'd get something done, but to my Mom's relief, I went the weekend without any new ink. BUT! I did find an artist who's work I feel in love with. Cyn Rudzis of Cirque du Rouge Tattoo and Piercing has the most amazing work! We stopped by the expo to see what it was all about and to stop by her shop's booth. Here's some shots of the show...


This last pic was from the Ciruqe du Rouge booth. Liaa was just finishing up a gorgeous peacock. We didn't end up talking to anyone, just snapped some iPhone pics and admired some really great work. That night, though, I sent quick email to Cyn and her shop, seeing about getting on to her waitlist. Turns out her list goes way out into June/July! I was more than willing to wait for something that would be on me forever ^_^ Then this morning I get a note from Cyn herself, saying that she'd like to bump me up because she loved my concept so much! I've got an appointment in 3 weeks to meet with her!


The tattoo is a secret for now...but I'm so super excited to get it done! I had already been thinking about getting my matching Texas tattoo on my left arm when we go back in June. So 2012 might be the year of the amazing tattooed lady haha.


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SuperCute Sunday #7


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh yeah...I make buttons


I've been thinking a lot about my shop lately. Where it's been and where I want it to go. I've been selling on Etsy for almost 7 years and The Pink Samurai has gone from hand-sewn bags, to cross stitch, to buttons and everything in between. Changing direction is totally natural for any personal venture, and I'm itching for something new about now. These buttons are little different from my more super anime themed stuff and think these reflect a little bit more of who I am right now ^_^ I've been reading through Elsie's Dream Job e-course and even after being in business for myself for 7 years, there's still so much to plan for and think about. Especially if you want to take things to next level. I'm looking to have these guys listed soon, but I've got a pretty big rebranding effort in the works! So the goal is by Spring to unveil the new shop / products / blog / everything.

Wish me luck!


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nail Polish Fun!

I love nail polish. I have a lot of it. Here are some of my current favorite ideas to play with on your digits!

I guess I'm really into angles, layering and gold metallic right now? These colors seem so fun and still wintery, but not drab. My own nails are looking a little sad right now...I think this weekend I'll have to get back into my Sunday nail routine ^_^



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday! Our Journey to Chimayo

During our honeymoon last October, we took a day to drive out to Chimayo and stop in Ortega's Weaving Shop. Ortega rugs have been man since the 1700's and the family's weaving tradition has been unbroken since then. My family looooves Santa Fe and this shop was a must-see on everyone's list of recommendations. I was going to make some super cute mosaics of images, but these handmade rugs and other textiles have to been seen as large as possible!

On the way...















We took home the one in the back on the far left ^_^


On the way to Taos...

You can visit Ortegas Weaving Shop online and look through their selection. It's just breath taking...and the softest, thickest rug I've ever had. The cats love it, too ^_^