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The Pink Samurai: Sprinks!

The Pink Samurai

Monday, January 23, 2012



Sprinkle, the greedy kitten,
Sprinkles, she's always gettin,
Way more milk than she deserves.
Sprinkle the greedy kitten!

(Sung to the tune of Lambert the Sheepish Lion.) I hope you enjoy gratuitous pictures of my favorite little girl ^_^ She hollers at me every day for milk and has the sweetest coo for purr.



At 5:26 PM , Blogger Meredith said...

I totally had Lambert the Sheepish Lion on VHS as a kid!!!!!!!

At 2:08 AM , Blogger Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Aw, such a cute cat! I've always wanted a cat in those colors! I don't see them often, but I always love them<3 This one is particulairly cute though!


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