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The Pink Samurai: Self-Portraits

The Pink Samurai

Monday, January 09, 2012


So I'm not much for taking outfit photos of myself. I'll leave to the super cute chicks like Amy Morby and Elsie Larson. But I love drawing self portraits, and I used to do it really regularly on my metro ride home from work. Andy and I have started drawing together in the evenings again, and it's so much fun to get back into the habit. I just shared one of my outfits on our Museum Date this weekend and figured I'd share a few more. Also, Instagram has been my wonderfully lazy way of getting pics onto the internets :P AND it turns out only washing your darks for 2 weeks, makes you really creative with your wardrobe!

Black shirt » H&M years ago
Camel Sweater » Old Navy
Jeans » Gap
Scarf » Old Navy
Shoes » Vans Authentic Lo Pro in teal

Dress » Modcloth
Cardigan » Target years ago
Tights » Victoria's Secret
Flats » Rocket Dog

Tank Top » Gap last summer
Sweater » Old Navy years and years and years ago
Pants » Gap


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