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The Pink Samurai: New Year's Resolutions

The Pink Samurai

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Year's Resolutions


I've never really been one for resolutions for New Years. Improving myself and moving forward is just something I've always tried to do in pretty much every aspect of my life anyway. But this year, along the same lines as my 28 before 29, I've got some pretty specific goals to achieve in 2012. So! Here's why I chose these things for my yearly goals...

1. Get smells back. I've got pretty terrible sinuses and haven't been able to smell for a few years. I've had emergency room visits for allergy & asthma attacks...surgery to remove polyps and correct a deviated septum...allergy testing and shots...and just every pill. Whenever I get a cold it almost assuredly turns into a sinus infection. BUT! I've got a new doctor and we've got a new plan. Christmas next year, I'll be able to smell the cookies I'm baking ^_^

2. Decorate our home. Andy and I have been planning our space and decorating here and there for a while, but we still have a lot of art to hang and Ikea visits to make. My goal inside a goal is tackle one room at a time and slowly watch our home transform. Maybe we'll have a home tour by the end of the year?

3. Draw more. Kind of self explanatory. Andy is a phenomenal artist and inspires me every day. So I'd like to fill a few sketch books this year. Monthly sketch book updates would probably help keep me on task ^_^

4. Freelance more. I have a BFA in Design, but my job is to manage a photo department. I love the people I work with, but I miss designing. Having the blog helps satiate that desire most of the time, but it's fun to work on other people's projects too! Right now I'm designing a friend's wedding invitations and another friend's blog. So, off to a good start!

5. Redesign my blog. Speaking of designing haha! I could probably redesign my blog once a week if I had the time. But I'd like to overhaul it this time and learn a little more html/css in the process. Not gonna lie, this blogger blog is hacked to hell...so I might need to start from scratch. We'll see ^_^

There's a lot going on this year, but it's all good things. Did anyone else make any resolutions?



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