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The Pink Samurai: June 2007

The Pink Samurai

Monday, June 18, 2007

Raise your hand if you're a hopeless nerd...

I was bored on my lunch break and started playing with Katamari Prince. His little red ball lights up when I call. It's totally awesome, I know! The super skinny pocky was amazing too.

Also, my customers are awesome. Anime geeks need to stick together: Mystickela sent me a pic of her with the geisha girl pin she just got ^_^

Rock. That is all.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So many things!

OK! So there's a few things to get to. First of all, I have a new hero. Her name is YummyDino and not only does her jacket love her very much, she also takes awesome photos. I made this button a while ago that said, "I love my jacket and my jacket loves me." Totally cool, I know ~_^ She bought it and took a pic (in the almost-summer heat mind you) of her jacket! Most definately cute and forever on my list of heroes.Also, be sure to check out her flickr: flickr.com/photos/dinorawr/ Awesome to the max photos forreal.

***So something else pretty cool...I just spent the last half hour making my first Treasury in Etsy! The theme is the Chinese Zodiac. I've been kind of obsessing over Fruits Basket (one of my favorite animes!) and this treasury worked perfect! Check it out here:

Plus I made it into a couple ^_^

I went to the Asian market with a couple of my girlfriends today and they had this kickass kawaii wrapping paper on sale. It was promptly paid for and buttons were made tonight! They'll be listed on Etsy in the morrow.
I think they are super cute. I have tons more just waiting to be made, plus a 2.25 machine on the way that will make pocket mirrors and coasters. Good times will be had by all!

Meanwhile, in the land of Bum, I haven't been too creative and let one of my favorite and best selling items go unmade. Good thing I got back on the horse again! She's going to be "w00t"

So yeah, super procrastinator is on the ball again...let's see how long it lasts this time!

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

This bitch is stitchin

So I've been thinking about finding craft fairs and such to set up a little table and get my craft on. I did one over Christmas that wasn't fun at all, so I have my reservations. That one was not organized well...they sold spaces but neglected to tell the sellers that tables weren't included. I feel like that would be an important detail to impart. The people in charge did find some, but they were weird circular ones that weren't any kind of appropriate for selling. Lost money that weekend, but I guess it was a good experience.

Anyway! A couple of friends of mine that run Alicia's Anime (pls see link thnx) said I should get a table at an anime convention. Why the hell not, right? It would be perfect. I love all things Japanese (trying to learn the language now...it's a slow process lol) and most of my merch is nerdy and asian to begin with. Perfect. SO! I decide to start big with Otakon. Something like the largest anime convention on the east coast. But, me being me, it can't be a smooth process. I have to sign up for the con ($50 on a tellers salary is teh lame) and then register for a table (another $70 for the weekend). Too bad after the first $50 is spent I find out there are no tables available and I'm on a stand-by list. No good! So keep your fingers crossed with me because I haven't heard back about more tables becoming available. I'm definately going to keep my eye out for more conventions like that tho.

On that note, I've been working like crazy to get some good inventory for the three day event that is Otakon (if I can go). Sewing has been the main priority and I have some new stuff to show you! I haven't listed any in my shop...I want to have as much as possible for the event. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Also: My Sleepy Tea Cup photo made it in a super sweet treasury!

More sewing, buttons, and hopefully cross stitch coming soon!