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The Pink Samurai: Ocean City, MD

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ocean City, MD

A couple of days ago, Andy and I trekked out to the beach!  I actually went to school just 30 mins from  Ocean City, MD and would spend a good deal of time on the boardwalk, or just walking along the water to get away from school stresses.  It's such a fun place full of fried food and arcades...it's like a kitschy tourist's dream!  A quick word of advice...go in the off-season.  Or if you have to go in the middle July, get to the beach reeeally early in the morning.  Morning time is just so nice there, and the beach can fill up quickly, so you want to get a good spot.

The day we went it was a little overcast, but the clouds would pass every now and then leaving it really warm and bright.  And it was super windy...but that just meant the boardwalk was pretty empty and the Atlantic was rollin'.

Our first stop was Bayside Skillet.  My friend Kendall first took me here when I was her design intern.  The crepes here are just out of this world!  They're piled high with fruit and this ridiculous creme.

Off season = free parking, spots right on the boardwalk.  We came in at Dolle's, an OC institution, they make delicious taffy!  I just had to stand in front of their super cute candy door. 
Ocean Gallery is absolutely insane.  I've actually never been in, since it's usually packed with people...and product.  The inside is very much like the out!  Another really great institution.  I was a little disappointed it was closed, but I'd never seen the art on the doors...so that was a fun surprise!  You know I love some hand-drawn type.

Ripley's is very much like the other Ripley's, but I still love visiting!  The light tunnel scares me every time and I can never resist a good mirror maze.  There's also some two-way mirror fun...but I won't spoil the surprise for you if you go ~_^
Eat Fisher's Pop Corn.  That is all.
And no Ocean City trip would be complete without some skeeball and ticket hoarding.  Andy and I have this game we found that we're just silly good at.  Look at these tickets!  We got so much stuff!

After we walked all around the boardwalk, popping in the shops and smelling the delicious funnel cakes that I'm kicking myself for not getting right now, we hopped over to my old stomping grounds.  There's a great Mexican restaurant there so we stuffed ourselves silly with chips and queso and then started back home.  It was such a fun day!

I hope you like peeking at some of our travels and it inspires to visit these places or find similar fun things to do in your area!

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