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The Pink Samurai: March 2014 in Review

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

March 2014 in Review

So, April's first week has been pretty great, but I wanted to take a minute to look back at March.  It was a really full month, on and off the blog.  Andy and I are starting a car search after my sweet 10 year old Hyundai finally gave us her last.  She was a good car and took me all over the country, but I'm definitely glad to get a new one that won't sabotage me at the top of giant ramps in the middle of freeways anymore haha!

Here's some other stuff that happened...
Because of my car troubles, Ledbelly was the only vintage shop I was able to visit in March.  I absolutely adore this shop and you must check it out!  You can visit the showroom in downtown Austin or buy their stock online.
I shared some thoughts on how to make your business's branding stand out.  Ledbelly was the perfect example for good design and branding because I loved their consistent and beautiful approach.
My Aunt and Uncle ran the half-marathon and my cousin and I went to cheer them on.  My favorite runner, besides my beautiful family and the luchador was the the girl with the "There's free beer at the end" haha!  Nothing like motivation.
Renegade Craft Fair had a show during SXSW and it was awesome.  I got to finally meet some of my favorite Austin makers and instagram friends!
Probably the highlight of the whole month...I MET LIL BUB!!! 
This embroidered cat tote became one of my most favorite projects!  Who doesn't want a kitten to come popping out of their bag?
This is a super quick project that has made my storage just a little bit cuter.  I mean...putting cats on things is kind of a compulsion now haha!
A little St. Patty's Day embroidery made it a little more festive around here.
And my second (and favorite) Impossible Scarf pattern made me nice and cozy.  Probably too cozy, because Austin is pretty warm now and that thing is a monster.

Yay March!  So stoked to see what April has in store!

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