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The Pink Samurai: Meeting Lil BUB

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meeting Lil BUB


Lil BUB and her dude were in Austin for SXSW and they stopped by Austin Pets Alive to pose for some photos and raise money for APA and Lil BUB's Big Fund.  So, of course, I dropped everything immediately and ran to the computer, flailing like a crazy person, to reserve my spot to meet the most amazing cat on the planet!

I got up early, hoofed it downtown and there were about 15-20 people in line before I got there.  They limited the visit to 200, so sweet BUB didn't get too tired, and it was totally sold out!  Austin Pets Alive was very organized and moved people along in small groups so there was no confusion or too much going on for BUB.  I get worried about sweet kittens doing events like this, because I know mine would be wiggin out!

I've got lots of blurry iPhone photos I took in a fury during the day, so I'm so glad that Caroline was there taking photos for folks for free!  When it was my turn, I was totally nervous, because I'm a crazy person who gets nervous to meet a cat.  Mike was so nice and it was adorable how much Lil BUB really loved him.  She was such a sweetheart, totally chill and really seemed to be enjoying all the attention.  At one point, her dude picked her up and cradled her and it was almost too much haha!

See that face?  That's PURE JOY!  That's the face of a crazy cat lady's dreams coming true.
So yeah.  I met Lil BUB and it was the best thing ever ever ever.

Be sure to check out Lil BUB's Big FUND for the ASPCA and support her and dude's efforts to raise money for sweet kittens that need a little extra help.  And if you're in the Austin area, take a peek at the darling cats and dogs that Austin Pets Alive has available for adoption now now and how you can help support their efforts outside of adoption, too.

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At 1:02 PM , Blogger KnittedFox said...

How cute! That's so exciting you got to meet Lil Bub. She's just the most adorable thing ever! *^_^*

At 1:12 PM , Blogger Amy said...

So cute! I love her. ^_^



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