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The Pink Samurai: Fun Stuff • Faceted Candles + Cat Dress + How to Write a Craft Book

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Fun Stuff • Faceted Candles + Cat Dress + How to Write a Craft Book

Woohoo!  I'm experimenting with a new format for these Fun Stuff features.  I'd love to know what you think!  I'm a very visual person and these posts seemed to lack a little umph.  And nothing adds umph like photos.

February was a really slow month for me, personally, and I think that really seeped through to the blog as well.  March will be full of more fun, more DIYs and more cats!  I'll be sharing a survey to get an idea of what you'd like to see, so keep an eye out.  There might be a chance for free scarf if you fill it out...

But on to the glorious link dump!
  • These cross-stitch pillows look so easy and fun!  I've experimented with stitching on crochet, but just wasn't feeling it.  This makes me want to try again, for sure.
  • Can you imagine using this i-cord knitting technique with giant yarn and making a huge design? I can!
  • I want to make candles sooooo bad.  Like, I've been thinking about it forever and have just never done it, but this tutorial for faceted candles has put me over the edge.  I'm doin' it.  You watch!
  • I've been fascinated with quilt-making since the first time I watched my mom make one.  We even went to quilt shows and she let me design my own years ago (spoiler: there were cats on it).  This book review Vintage Quilt Revival really makes me want to put a modern spin on traditional quilts.
  • Sequins and scallops are a match made in super-cute heaven.  I'm sad it's so expensive, but maybe there's a way to DIY it...
  • Who doesn't need another cat dress?  I mean really.  
  • And a cat trench coat!  Modcloth is on fire right now!
  • Because I'm forever a Trekkie.  United Federation of Planets t-shirt.  I'm a jeans and tee kind of girl and with Spring just around the corner, I'm looking to beef up my t-shirt collection.
  • I'm in love with this heart dress.  Black + White + Hearts = Everything good.  Except for cats...it should also have cats.
  • So Kyla Roma is a constant inspiration to me and her piece about what to do if the year is getting away from you  came at just the right time.  
  • Mars is in retrograde...which would explain my slump of a February.  But I'm going to take Gala and Kyla's advice and power through March! 
  • Design*Sponge featured 24 Hours in Austin and my favorite part of this piece, besides it being a great guide for visitors (hello SXSW!), was the intro by Keith Kreeger.  "After 12 years on Cape Cod, we moved to Austin in 2009.  My wife grew up in Houston and like so many people who have married a Texan...it's clear that at some point you'll become one."  Haha!  Truth.
  • How to Write and Publish a Best Selling Craft Book.  I devoured this book yesterday and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get into the craft book game.  I've just started a journey that I'm so stoked about and I feel like I've really been armed with everything I need because of this book! 
  • Being an avid collector, I'm always looking for inspiration when it comes to displays.  I love this example displaying collections without it looking too cluttered.  That's a constant battle in my home haha!
  • This copper conical vase is beyond gorgeous.  It's modern, with a hint of science!
  • Painted brick is a great way to incorporate color into a space and hide potentially ugly fireplace.  This dark teal is the stuff of dreams!
  • I adore this neon peach accent wall!  I mean, anything to get more pink in the house, am I right?
Stuff from TPS this Week

Check out more Fun Stuff articles here!  But only if you really like making stuff, geeky things and lots of cats.



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