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The Pink Samurai: Fun Stuff • Arm Knitting + Sailor Moon Hoodies + S'mores Forever

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Fun Stuff • Arm Knitting + Sailor Moon Hoodies + S'mores Forever

Stuff to Make
  • Jessica, of How About Orange, shared a really great website that teaches you how to knit.  My brain has always rejected knitting as something I could never do, plus I like to have one hand free in case I need to battle, but maybe this site will help me actually learn.  It'll never help with the battle readiness, though.
  • With two cats in the house that love eating plants, I can't have real flowers, but this Design*Sponge round-up of paper flowers can brighten a space without making your cats barf.
  • How to arm knit a scarf in 20 minutes.  A scarf that's comically large AND quick to make?  Yes.  Maybe I'll add some arm-knit scarves to next winter's collection!
  • I'd love to make a giant, circulur pink version of this pom-pom rug.  Or black and white...so good.
  • Rachel shared a simple way to decorate your boring planters.  Because everyone needs more pink and glitter in their lives.

Stuff to Wear
  • I'm a total Harry Potty fangirl so this Luna Lovegood glasses ring is everything good.  I drew the same glasses for Peculiar People Day this year!
  • I cannot wait for March 3rd, because these Sailor Moon hoodies are a necessity.  I've just started reading the manga and I looove it ^_^
  • It's about time to start thinking about sandals in Austin.  I love the fat, clean lines of this pair.

Stuff to Eat

Stuff to Read

Stuff from TPS this Week

Check out more Fun Stuff articles here!  But only if you really like making stuff, geeky things and eating lots of S'mores.



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