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The Pink Samurai: Renegade Austin SXSW

The Pink Samurai

Friday, March 21, 2014

Renegade Austin SXSW

Renegade!!!  Last weekend, I hopped downtown and braved the SXSW crowd to check out the Renegade Craft Fair.  And by "braved the SXSW crowd" I mean just that.  There were people approximately everywhere!  But, despite the tourist slalom, I gota  parking at the venue and getting my guest pass was a breeze.  I went early on Thursday and had a great time wandering around, peeping all the really cool sellers.

Below are a ton of photos and shop links!  You should click them and buy things ^_^
Dowdy Studio
Once Again Sam
Poppy & Fern
I'm always excited to see Rachel's work!  Her embroidery is so distinct and her instagram is one of my most favorite profiles to follow.
AK Woodworking & Design
More from AK!  I've been friends with Amanda and Khien on instagram for a while and it was so nice to finally meet them in real life.  Their work is just ridiculously gorgeous.
See?  I absolutely adore their Sun Screen Mini Lantern.  The detail in each piece is so intricate.
Appendage Accessories
Doc Elliot
Their's was my favorite booth of the whole show.  It was like walking into an old-fashioned drug store.  I loved how the whole experience was an extension of their branding.
Fartsy Arts
Urban Anonymous
Nothing but a Pigeon
Taylor is another instagram friend that I finally met!  She's so fun and makes the cutest crocheted taxidermy.  I can crochet a scarf all day long, but my brain refuses to do 3D objects.  Her stuff is just gorgeous and mind-boggling ^_^  I think the jellyfish are my favorites.
Restrung Jewelry
Inedible Jewelry
And, of course, there was an Air-Stream trailer playing music through out the hall.  I mean, it was in Austin after all. 
This was one of the best craft shows I've been to in Austin so far.  The last Renegade was just sort of so-so, plenty of nice shops, but the event space was bland and there wasn't a lot of energy.  The SXSW edition was at the same venue, but had tons of energy and sellers pulled out all the stops with their booths.  It was a gorgeous show and I'm so glad I went.  I've got lots of new shops that are about to fill up my Pinterest haha!

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