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The Pink Samurai: Fun Stuff • 9.14.13

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fun Stuff • 9.14.13

Stuff to Read
  • Being a girl who's pushing 30 and still freaks out over Hello Kitty like a 5 year old, I've struggled with "should I be more like an adult" for a while.  But Twinkie Chan always brings me back to what I love.  She wrote a great piece this week that makes me so happy.  Who cares?!  Have fun!
  • This isn't really a read, but if you love vintage makeup looks then you'll love this new video by Lisa Eldrige that features a signature Bettie Page look.
  • Self Hate? Self Love? How About Self-Indifference? I love this commentary on women's magazines and the content that's become a standard over the years.

Stuff to Make

Stuff to Wear
  • Galaxy nail wraps from Nasty Gal!  I'm way too lazy to do this polish, so the wraps are perfect.
  • I'm so sad this bag isn't available anymore...or I just can't find it.  It's such a gorgeous leather cross-body bag!
  • Some day, when it's cold in Texas, I'm going to wear the hell out of this outfit.

Stuff to Eat

Stuff from TPS this Week



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