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The Pink Samurai: Adventures in the Candy Aisle

The Pink Samurai

Monday, September 09, 2013

Adventures in the Candy Aisle

Thanks to an old friend of mine in Maryland, I LOVE Asian grocery stores.  I've always been fascinated with all aspects Asian cultures (hence the Pink Samurai), and the food is no different.  Especially the candy!  I love the candy aisle, with all the packaging and different flavors.  So when Andy and I found Hana World Market just down the road we hit it up post haste!  Above were our finds...some were bought just for the packaging (like the Koala tin on top. So cute!) and some were bought because they're candy/flavors can't find it anywhere else.  Yummy!
I love milk candy!  Andy hates it, but I love it's creamy goodness.  And look at this lil guy!  O_O I couldn't not get this.
This Potato Flavored Snack was bought only because of the packaging.  They're party potatoes!  The Choco Baby and Cola Mints were actually at the check out counter.  With a name like Choco Baby, I had to try it.  There was nothing I could do.  And Andy said the Cola's really tasted just like cola.
We love Rilakkuma.  It's so hard to find stuff with him on it in local shops!  Most places carry a lot of Sanrio but no San-X, which is a shame.  Oh well, I guess we just need to go to Japan.  Also, these candies were like giant ,fluffy, strawberry Fruity Pebbles.
And no trip to the candy aisle would be complete without getting some Pocky.  But these are like double-dipped-fatty Pocky!  It's delicious!

With Hana World Market being so close, we're definitely going to stop in more often.  They've got a whole counter full of beauty products I'm curious about, too!

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