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The Pink Samurai: Last Week(s), on Instagram...

The Pink Samurai

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Last Week(s), on Instagram...

  •  We put up shelves last weekend!  We've been having a fun time organizing and displaying all our collections.
  • I posted about the giveaway I've got going on...check it out here.
  • Torchy's Tacos is pretty much a weekly occurrence.  This time, I was able to take my Aunt for the first time!
  • Turks is adorable.
  • I made some new scarves!  I'll be adding them to the shop soon.
  • In the middle of the week, I was feeling a little cooped up in the apartment, so I hopped over to our pool to read.  It was quiet and the breeze was warm.  So good!
  • Sweet Sprinkles.
  • Nasty Sprinkles.
A few from the week before:
  • The cutest sewing kit ever at Terra Toys!
  • Sprinkles being all like ppffffbbtthhh
  • Turks on point!

Follow along with @thepinksamurai if you want to see more fun stuff...and kittens.  Lots of kittens.



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