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The Pink Samurai: Daily Drawing: 254 | Victorious

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Daily Drawing: 254 | Victorious

[This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details]
After relaxing outside in the 90Ā° heat, changing the tire yesterday (the jack actually dug into the melty asphalt...that's how hot it was!), I tootled over the tire place on my donut to get things fixed. 1 alignment, 2 new brake pads and 3 new tires later, I left victorious!  Or as victorious as one can be when leaving the shop.

The rest of today was really chill.  Kittens strewn about sleeping on things and music playing while I edited photos.  It was a great day ^_^

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