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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday • Thrift Town

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thrifty Thursday • Thrift Town

Thrift Town
address : 5726 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78745
hours :  Monday - Saturday: 9pm - 9pm | Sunday: 10pm - 6pm

Thrift Town is one of the best thrift stores I've ever been to.  When I was headed over, I was expecting an average thrifting experience: a little musty, lots of stuff shoved onto shelves and prices that were just a little too much for a thrift shop.  But good gracious I was wrong.  It's clean, organized and really easy to browse...and the prices are ridiculous. During my trip, I scored a J.Crew dress, giant scarf, and tons of vintage Christmas goodies for $10.  So awesome!  If you're in the Austin area, I would equate it to Savers, and if you're on the East Coast it's a bit like Unique or Value Village.  But Thrift Town is better organized and cheaper than all of the others.  It seems like there was a lot more kitsch and actual vintage there instead of the mountains of 90s junk that takes up most of the space in thrift store now, too.

To the photos!

I was thisclose to picking this up.  I'm a sucker for a Singer.

I know some people have an aversion to buying used pillows.  But, with a good washing, these guys make for cheap fillers for DIY throw pillows.  I dare you to find a $3 pillow insert at the craft store haha! 

Denim as far as the eye can see.  With great thrift stores like this one, I always think about what I can make with the mountains of recycled material that are just sitting there.  There's so much potential!
Despite Thrift Town being a bit of drive down in South Austin, I'll be making this shop one of my regular stops.  Reading more into their history and scrolling through their blog, it seems that they're a super fun company that really gets the modern thrifter.  We're looking for treasures and DIYs along with practical items.  Thrift Town as all of this and more.

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