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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday: Prototype Vintage

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Prototype Vintage

Protype Vintage
address : 1700 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704
hours :  Sunday - Saturday: 11pm - 7pm 

When I was putzing around SoCo the other day, I must have passed what I thought was 1700 at least 3 times without seeing Prototype Vintage.  Feeling a little miffed, I kept walking and found some other shops to shoot.  On the way back, I walked by 1700 again, but this time I could see down the side street and there was Prototype, shining like a big green beacon of vintage!  This shop was recommended to me by Nicole and omg it's already one of my favorites in the area!  Take a look inside...
Prototype is in a really fun space, with a wide open layout and different levels that showcase their variety of inventory.  Most of the store is organize by color and pattern as opposed to overall type of clothing.  This lends to some striking displays!
Someone should buy me that kimono robe.  Just sayin'.
I loved exploring every level of this shop.  Their branding is so fun, too!  There's lots of custom posters and imagery throughout the store reminded me of department stores in the good ol' days.
If you love Dr. Marten's come here!  They're perfectly broken in and they had lots of styles when I visited.
Turns out I love cheesy, ironic t-shirts about Minnesota.  This one is even in the same color scheme as the one I got at Ermine!  Gimme.
I'd love to know what this space was originally built for because the floor plan is so unique.  I enjoyed exploring every little nook and cranny.
Prototype has a great selection of men's clothing and shoes, too.  Not just silly, crazy patterned stuff.  There's also shirts that are a little more subtle if you just want a hint of vintage.  Also, so many trucker hats...
I'm still thinking about that blue and read checked shirt.  I don't own any button-downs, but this one might need to be the first.  Maybe I should start special follow-ups posts that feature all the things I should've gotten when visiting vintage shops haha!  There's always a couple of things I see in these photos that I wish I would've grabbed!
So, I have to say that there are tons of great shops in SoCo and I'll be covering a bunch more in the following weeks, but Prototype Vintage is definitely my favorite.  The selection, the personality, the branding and the friendly staff...it was like a perfect storm of all the things I look for in a shop.  Now scoot your butt down there and go get some stuff!  But not that kimono, or checked shirt...

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At 8:15 PM , Blogger nicole s. said...

i honestly believe this is the most well-curated vintage clothing shop in austin. i know, that's a HUGE statement. i just love their shop, and i always walk out with something i love. i love that it's color-coded, i love the shoe collection, they have a great basket of scarves, they have beautiful dooney and burke bags. i just love it all. your photos of the shop even make it look better!

xo nicole


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