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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday: Hog Wild Vintage • CLOSED

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Hog Wild Vintage • CLOSED

Hog Wild Vintage
website | facebook
address : 100 E. North Loop Blvd., Austin, TX 78705
hours :  Sunday - Saturday: 11pm - 7pm

As of 9/21/13 Hog Wild Vintage has closed it's doors.  Definitely a bummer, but feel free to read on about how awesome it was and take a peek at other shops in the area that have been featured here:  Ermine Vintage, Room Service Vintage and Rave On Vintage.


After stopping in Ermine Vintage in North Loop, I walked a couple of doors down to Hog Wild Vintage.   When I walked in, it was a bit darker than I expected, but the buzzing ceiling fans and the friendly greeting of the shop manager made me feel so welcome.  I looked around to take it all in and the space just opened up in front of me.  You can see the whole place from the front door and I was excited to check out all the different displays.  Their furniture selection is was really brought me in. Our search for the perfect mid-century coffee table seems to be never ending and Hog Wild's website had me optimistic that I might find something fun.  I didn't end up finding the table of my dreams, but saw so much more that I wanted to take home with me!  
You really can see the whole space from the front of the store, and that makes it easy to spot all the awesome stuff you want to buy.
The walls are covered in one of the most eclectic selections of art I've ever seen.  And don't forget to look up, or you'll miss the fun lamps.  I took this shot mainly for the daisy lamp (NEED!) and the really cool tree wall hanging.  So fun!
The beauty is in the details.  Hog Wild's displays are carefully put together and showcase collectibles in with the decor.  If you collect salt and pepper shakers, definitely pop by and check out their selection.  And the cups in the top left look to be a larger part of a collection that goes with a glass I saw at Out of the Past.  
Quasi self-portrait and beautiful clocks.  And pink lamps!  There was something I wanted to take home in each section of the shop.
My parents visited the Philippines when they were in college so I always love seeing stuff that might remind them of that trip.  The lighter in this photo hadsuch a fun illustration!  There were a few different display cases throughout the store that were stuffed with jewelry and fun knick knacks.
Sewing patterns!  I'm a sucker for vintage sewing patterns.  There's a rack full and while there are some more modern 80's/90's stuff, there's quite a few 60's/70's patterns just waiting to made modern.  It can be hard to find those older patterns, so if you're a collector, definitely stop by to see what they've got.
How great is this display?  Who doesn't love a vintage suitcase?  I wish modern suitcases had a little more style like this.  Though, my current luggage is pink...and that's awesome.
Sometimes when I visit a shop, I don't really process everything I see until I start combing through the photos at home.  This is one of those photos where I was taken aback by the awesome stuff in the photo and just didn't realize it was so awesome when I was there.  Look at that incredible 70's butterfly tissue box cover! And the orange tray with the floral pattern!  And the portrait on top rack!  
I just love everything about this photo.
I love the feeling of this shop.  The fans blowing, music playing, the coziness of it all.  The owner travels all over and was in California looking for inventory when I stopped in.  I can't wait to stop back in and see why kinds of new inventory he brings in.  I will make this a regular stop on my trips to North Loop for sure.

/// If you've got any shops you love, or own, that you'd like me to feature, just shoot a note over to becky@thepinksamurai with the name, website/facebook, address, hours a few things that make it awesome, I'd love to take a look!!!

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