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The Pink Samurai: Shop Update • The Future of The Pink Samurai Shop

The Pink Samurai

Friday, October 25, 2013

Shop Update • The Future of The Pink Samurai Shop

With the weather finally changing, I'm excited to get some new scarves out in to the world.  I wrote about this year's collection a few weeks back and I've been wearing mine every chance I get!   Things are slower in the scarf this year.  I haven't been as active in the holiday shows, so I'm hoping for some extra Etsy sales this season.  So hop over the shop and buy some scarves!

I've been mulling over some changes to the shop, too.  Since I opened my little space on the internet in 2006, it's been a place where I've sold handmade purses, zip pouches, perler bead coasters, pin-back buttons, screen printed stuff, hand bound books, and now scarves.  I've got a lot of arrows in my quivver in the crafting department, as my mom likes to say.  So, I'm thinking about expanding the shop to be like a department store for fun stuff.  A lot of makers encourage the specialty shops, focusing on one product alone.  And while I love crocheting scarves, I like doing a lot of things, too and would love to make some money from them ^_^  What do you think?  I'd love your opinion!

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