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The Pink Samurai: Daily Drawing: 221 | Feeling Encouraged

The Pink Samurai

Friday, August 09, 2013

Daily Drawing: 221 | Feeling Encouraged

Today was such a good day.  Crossing things off my to-do list, thinking of the future and skritching some kittens.  It was one of those days where it really hits me that I married the most perfect person on the planet for me.  I mean, I knew that before he even proposed...but sometimes I just think about it and it's absolutely incredible we found our way to each other.  I could not be more in love ^_^

Oh!  And a ton of stuff from Modcloth in the mail today!  Today was such a good day.

This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details!

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