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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday • Leighelena

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thrifty Thursday • Leighelena

Leighelena - SoCo
address : 1714 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704
hours :  Mon - Fri: 10:30am - 8pm | Sat: 11pm - 8pm | Sun: 11:30 - 6:30

This week, I popped over to SoCo to scout for some more vintage shops.  After realizing I'd already written about most of the shops down there, I decided to stop into Leighelena on a whim.  I'd actually avoided visiting Leighelena for a while because I knew it was a mix of vintage and new.  For some reason I'd always thought it was going to be mostly new stuff.  I'm so glad I decided to check it out, because good gracious they've got some gorgeous vintage!  The whole back of the SoCo location is stuffed with beautiful pieces from the 50s-80s.  

Their vintage selection was varied and extensive.  Their new selection was full of locally-made, handmade, indie, and fair trade jewelry and gifts.  So fun!  

Check out the photos to see what Leighelena's is all about...

All the clothing was organized by decade and type of item.  The 50s and 60s dress racks were my most favorite.  You know that thing where you find the most perfect vintage dress you've ever seen and it's devastatingly too small?  That definitely happened.  Le sigh.

I was pleasantly surprised by the mens selection.  It was small but had good pieces.  Who doesn't love vintage boots and pearl snap shirts?

This is the view when you first walk in.  Lots of jewelry, knick knacks, Texas and Austin themed gifts and art.  There's a lot to look at!  But, if you're there for the vintage, just tootle to the back of the store and prepare your wallet for some damage.
I'm so disappointed that I'd never stopped in before now, but Leighelena is going to be one of my go-to shops whenever we visit SoCo.  This whole place has such a fun and quirky vibe.  It's very Austin! 

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