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The Pink Samurai: Sponsor in February

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sponsor in February

So, I started a sponsorship program late last year and this is my first call for sponsors!  I've got some exciting stuff planned for February and lots of spots open for those who want to play along.  Next month will be full of DIYs, a new free embroidery pattern, another Impossible Scarf pattern and lots of vintage fun featuring local shops around Austin!

I really appreciate all the support that you've given me and I'd love to keep this cat-lovin' train going!  Take a peek at my advertise page for current stats and to purchase a spot right there.  I'd love to promote your shop, business or blog here on The Pink Samurai ^_^

And taking a note from Kate, if this post was totally annoying, here's a cat gif to make up for it haha!



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