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The Pink Samurai: Daily Drawing: 330 | Flat Tire

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daily Drawing: 330 | Flat Tire

[This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details]
Today was challenging.  You know those days when there's lots of little things that go wrong and then they culminate in a flat tire?  It was one of those days.  I was leaving our little apartment community and got a flat about half way out.  It was cold, and there was nothing to do but change the dang thing.  And I have to say, that most of our neighbors must not be native Texans, because not a single person asked if I needed help.  I mean, I didn't need help, but the offer would've been nice.  Not even the guy who works at the apartments, who walked to his car one spot away from me, and then just sat in his car the whole time I change my tire, asked.  Oh well.  There's something satisfyingly triumphant to me about changing a tire by myself.  Hooray for self-sufficiency!   ^_^

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