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The Pink Samurai: Life Lately • Sleepy October

The Pink Samurai

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Life Lately • Sleepy October

Things have been pretty quiet around here this October.  We had my sister-in-law visit last week, which was pretty much the best ever.  I love her so much and we had a blast taking her everywhere and feeding her everything.  Seriously.  We ate...so much.  
Other than that, it's been extra quiet and we've been taking it pretty slow.  I've been spending time arranging the house, playing with kittens and making bells in Animal Crossing.
We looove Animal Crossing!  How could you not?  I've got all my rooms and I'm currently expanding each one.  My house is pink and both Andy and I are stoked for all the silly Halloween things going on in the game.  So fun!
We haven't done much Halloween decorating, but I did get out my Hello Kitty buckets ^_^ I found the tin at Paper Bear last week and couldn't pass it up!  The candy inside is sour cherry (gross :P), so they're going to stay right where they are haha.
I totally forgot about this quick DIY I made a couple of weeks ago.  In my quest to store everything we own, I got a few plain wooden boxes and painted them with simple white details.  I'll definitely share them soon.  These shallow boxes are perfect for holding all our colored Copic markers.
Decorating our new home has been a slow but steady process.  A few new kokeshi dolls have turned up in the last few weeks.  I love how this collection is growing!

So things are quiet, but good.  I've spent the day organizing new posts and planning fun places to go and things to make.  I'm glad you guys are here to share in the things I get up to ^_^  Now I'm going to hop out to the post office in the frigid 50° weather to put a scarf in the mail.  Happy Wednesday!



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