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The Pink Samurai: Fun Stuff • 10.26.13

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun Stuff • 10.26.13

Stuff to Read
  • In a past life, I was a photo editor and managed a team of photographers and photo editors.  This article from Design*Sponge on editing photos is spot on and covers all the basics!  It's pretty much how to fix everything I scream about in my head when I see icky photos online.
  • Shauna outlines how she handles managing multiple businesses.  I know there's people with multiple Etsy shops or maybe a blog and shop who love some simple advice like this.
  • Gala shared this link in her carousel this week and it made me laugh so hard!  I didn't realize our bread was so sweet.

Stuff to Make
  • I love how simple these rings are.  They look easy to make, too.
  • There's still a few more days left to do some Halloween crafting! TwinkieChan has a super cute Candy Corn Kitty Hat to make for the holiday.  Or for whenever, cuz candy corn is delicious and I can't wait for it to all go on sale on Nov. 1.
  • This idea for tattoo inspired embroidery is too cute!

Stuff to Wear
Stuff to Eat
  • Speaking of candy corn...Halloween Puppy Chow!  This post calls them Muddy Buddies, but I always grew up calling it puppy chow :P
  • Candy corn pudding is just food coloring and vanilla pudding!  Super simple, just the way I like it.
  • I've been following Holly's macaron adventures on her instagram and I'm so glad she shared her recipe on A Beautiful Mess!  It looks a little intense for this baker, who only bakes chocolate chip cookies (they are bangin chocolate chip cookies, btw!), but I think I might give it a go once and hope she starts shipping to the US ^_^

Stuff from TPS this (and last!) Week



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