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The Pink Samurai: A Vintage Weekend

The Pink Samurai

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Vintage Weekend

This weekend we tootled down from North Austin to visit a couple of vintage sale events going on in town.  On Saturday we checked out North Loop for their sidewalk sale / block party.  Room Service Vintage, Ermine Vintage and Hog Wild Vintage all had huge sales and lots of stuff outside to peek through.  All the other shops around were participating, too.  There was music playing, plenty of people perusing the shops and a light cool breeze blowing.  Pretty much the perfect day.

Room Service had a bunch of furniture outside.
And lots of tschotskes!

I do have a smidge of bad news that we found out while checking out the shops.  Turns out the owner of Hog Wild Vintage is retiring and the 21st was their last day in business.  Cue, devastation.  I was introduced to a couple of the vendors, though, who are working on getting their own shop up and running.  So I'll definitely keep you posted on any new developments.  Hog Wild will be missed, but I'm glad it was by the owner's choice, and I wish him well in this next chapter of his life! 
On Sunday we took a trip over to South 1st St. to visit Amelia and check out her porch sale.  She brought a couple of other vendors to show in her wonderful back yard.  Our first stop, however, was Mellizoz Tacos!  I've been wanting to bring Andy here since I ate their ridiculous B.A.T. breakfast taco during a lunch break at Blogcademy.  It was such a gorgeous day to sit under the trees, with the cool breeze blowing and stuffing our faces with tacos :P 
After gorging ourselves, we took the quiet little back streets over to Amelia's.  She had so much great stuff!  And I got to meet Rebekka from Bloomers & Frocks!  Seriously...you guys need to buy everything these ladies sell.  They've got Etsy shops, too, in case you're not in the Austin area. (Amelia's Etsy, Bloomers & Frocks' Etsy)
I'm kicking myself for not getting a few things while we were there.  There was this little 40's polka dot number I'm still thinking about.  So cute!
The moral of the story is: move to Austin and frequent vintage shops ^_^  You find cool stuff and make fun new friends.

Did anyone else have a fabulous weekend?  I want to know else was going on during the first of Fall!

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At 1:36 PM , Blogger nicole s. said...

hogwild is closing? is closed!? i am devastated. between that and let's dish on s. lamar closing, few of my favorite childhood shops are still open. luckily i have a bunch of new favorites like flashback and prototype, but it's a shame our favorite places can't stay open forever.

xo nicole

At 3:22 PM , Blogger Emilie aka MJ said...

I need to fly to Austin sometime to visit all these amazing places!

At 12:14 AM , Anonymous Melinda Ledbetter said...

I was so disappointed I couldn't make it out this weekend. I was hoping to see someone post about it. Thanks for sharing the pics and info. Great blog.

At 11:34 AM , Blogger Becky Pool said...

Nicole - I know it! I was so sad! I'll have to stop by Protype...I haven't been there yet. I'm looking forward to what the Hog Wild vendors are up to ^_^

At 11:35 AM , Blogger Becky Pool said...

Emilie - You must! I can show you all the cool spots ^_^

At 11:36 AM , Blogger Becky Pool said...

Melinda - I'm sorry you couldn't make it out! I love your blog...we should coffee sometime ^_^


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