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The Pink Samurai: 3 Places to find Creative Inspiration that aren't Pinterest

The Pink Samurai

Friday, September 20, 2013

3 Places to find Creative Inspiration that aren't Pinterest

I  love Pinterest.  I really do!  It's one of my favorite sites and I use it every day.  But sometimes when I'm using it to find inspiration, I can get stuck in a downward spiral of pins and spend my hours searching instead of creating.  So while Pinterest can be a wonderful place to get ideas, it's time to close that tab and put your laptop to sleep.  Step away from the screens and the let the world inspire you!  These are all places I go to get away from the internet and soak up new ideas. 

A magical place!  Take some time to peruse the stacks and venture of your discipline.  If you're a writer, wander the art history section.  If you're an artist, poke around in the magazines.  Think outside the box and wander around, reading the spines, flipping through the pages and keeping an open mind.  There's inspiration all around.

Take a walk.  Feed off the energy of your town and the people around you.  Peek in the shops and see what people are creating.  Window displays, merchandise, the folks on the sidewalk.  You might even make some new friends!

Find a park or walking trail where you can take in nature.  The sounds.  The colors.  The smells.  Take inspiration from the patterns and the animals.  Just sit and be for a while.  It's a great way to clear your head and get away. 

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