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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday - Gatherings

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Gatherings

address : 1009 South Austin Ave., Georgetown,Texas 78626
hours :  Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30am - 5:30pm | Sunday: 12pm - 4pm

I went outside of Austin for today's Thrifty Thursday.  Georgetown is about 20 minutes north of us and I had heard good things about the thrifting and antique shops there, so I took a trip!  Gatherings was first on my list.  I love when I pull up to a place and there's awesome stuff just waiting for me outside.  This shop has a lot of shabby chic, and lots of fun girlie antiques.  The shop owner takes great care in the displays and vignettes, which make walking through so much fun.  Each shelf has it's own personality.  I went through twice and saw tons of amazing things I missed the first go around. 

There's some new items and crafts by local artists in with the displays, so if you're looking for antiques, be sure to look at your item carefully.  But I think it's pretty easy to tell the difference, and I think the displays are so cute, they just add to the fun discoveries you'll make here.

I did an Insta-Tour when I first walked in, just taking lots of photos with my phone and bombing my follower's feeds with all kinds of goodness...and lots of me freaking out about what I was I finding.  As I am want to do :P I'm easily excitable in places like this haha!  Here's the pics from the first walk through!

And the rest of the photos!

I love how walking into big antique stores never ceases to amazing and overwhelm me.  I want to soak in everything immediately!

The bags!  So many gorgeous bags!  Art Deco was all up on the chevron trend ^_^
If you need any fixtures...any at all really...come here.  There's a whole section of hardware in the very back!
I also found a lot of children's toys.  There's so much variety in what Gatherings stocks, but it's all curated so well that everything is very true to their brand.
So. Many. Figurines.  I cannot stress this enough.  there's tons and loved every single one of them.  Lots of pups in particular.

I had so much fun in this shop!  The displays were just the best I've seen while thrifting.  If you're in the Georgetown area it's definitely worth stopping in.  The prices were a bit higher than I expected.  But the quality of the items was so high, I could absolutely justify spending a couple of extra bucks to get a really gorgeous piece for my home. 

***If you've got any shops you love, or own, that you'd like to feature, just shoot a note over to becky@thepinksamurai with the name, website/facebook and why you love it, I'd love to take a look!!!***

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At 9:56 PM , Anonymous Jessica | Color Overboard said...

I love all of the cameras at the end. I LOVE to thrift shop! I could do it for days! It gets a little crazy though because I want to buy everything!

At 5:40 PM , Blogger Becky Pool said...

Jessica! I know the feeling...I get so overwhelmed and want one of everything I see haha!


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