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The Pink Samurai: Philly Comic Con

The Pink Samurai

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Philly Comic Con

So a couple of weekends ago we headed up to Philly to the Wizard World Comic Con. I love comics and Billy D. Williams was supposed to be there, so I was all about it. Here's some pictures!

We were greeted by a flock of jedi on the escalators.

Billy D. Williams! First thing in the door, there he is and a wig out and get nervous and can't say anything. Also, Margo Kidder was right next to him. It was almost too much right at the start!

Please excuse the blurriness...but I had to take this one quick haha

And clearly this guy is blurry because he's moving so fast...

I loved this bucket of pokemans.

So good.

The Boondock Saints were there, too. Another freak out moment ^_^

And a Delorian! This is a street legal replica of the Back to the Future time machine. You had to pay to have sit in it, but all the procedes went to Team Fox for Parkinson's Research, so we were more than happy to contribute.

We stepped out of the convention center for a bit to grab some cash because the atm's there had been drained lol. Also Andy had never been around Philly, so we saw some of the more notable downtown stuffs and Chinatown.


So much fun and geekery! We got some prints from Tom Whalen and Josh Howard was there and I geeked out for a hot second and got a book from him.

We're still gearing up for Otakon...more buttons and all kinds of super cute things will debut at our booth there. So if you love Anime, totally swing by!


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