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The Pink Samurai: I love Pinterest

The Pink Samurai

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I love Pinterest

I forget how I found out about Pinterest. I wanna say it was a tweet from Joy Cho that got me hooked. But as soon as I got on there, I got lost and had to create my own account. It's a great way to share projects and products and just things that you love, and be able to link back to their source. I use it kind of selfishly...more of a giant bookmark to projects I want to do and shoes I want to buy, that I don't want to forget about. Check it:

I clearly need to find more geeky things and stuff to do with my garden. The board of mine that's seeing the most action lately is Our Wedding. It's being used as an inspiration board / idea dump for all the cool wedding stuff I see on the bajillion wedding blogs I follow ^_^

How great are those giant flowers? Ugh! So good. A couple of my favorite people on there are also twitter friends of mine, too and they pin the best stuff! Sherisa and I love all the same things. Her jewelry is so great! I want these really bad. And Melissa has a great blog that I've been following for a long time and finds such great things.

Anyway. The moral of the story is: use Pinterest and we can be friends and find awesome stuff on the interwebs. Also, their app for the iphone is pretty cool. You can snap pictures wherever and upload them right to your boards.


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