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The Pink Samurai: New Products and Case of the Growing To-Do List

The Pink Samurai

Monday, June 06, 2011

New Products and Case of the Growing To-Do List

So my phone straps finally came and this is my first charm! Tubcat is ready for action...and texting. I'll be setting aside some time this week to photograph the rest of my charms and add some new stud earrings the shop. Along with expanding the magnet selection, as those seem to be pretty popular right now. All of these things are keeping my Teux Deux list full! But I love being busy and creative, so it's fine with me ^_^ Here's a quick list of what's going on:
  1. Design sticker sheets
  2. List more magnets
  3. Email caterer for wedding
  4. Keep working on Save the Dates
  5. Print out photos of venue for designing the space
  6. Get orders ready to ship
  7. Do the dishes Ā» totally done!
  8. Make cell phone charms
  9. Photograph everything!
  10. Play Words With Friends and get shamelessly beaten
Oh! And repaint my nails. No topcoat this weekend meant chips first thing Monday morning. It'll be a busy week...we're heading to meet a friend for dinner tomorrow and hopefully stop by Ikea as well. So much fun! What's on everyone else's To-Do list this week?

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