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The Pink Samurai: Manske Love

The Pink Samurai

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Manske Love

During our trip to Texas, one of our first stops was Gil's Broiler in San Marcos. I used to go here all the time with my family when we would visit my Grandmother and it's still as wonderful as ever. If you're ever there...for the love of God...get a Manske Roll.

My parents use to come here in their college days.

The interior has changed a few times in the years we've been coming here, but the hanging rocks have always been there.

Old menu. Their hotdogs used to be too franks cut in half on a hamburger bun! So good.

So excited for Manske Rolls!

They have cheesy postcards from the 70's (I'm assuming) at the front so I got one to write a note home. Telling my family about my Gil's adventure and wishing them love from Deep in the Heart of Texas.

Tada! The Manske Roll! It's like a giant cinnamon roll just unapologetically slathered in butter and wonderful. You can cut it with the fork and it just melts in your mouth. The last bite of the center is like heaven.

Right after this we tootled down the road the Paper Bear...aka the best shop ever in the history of shops. I have tons of pictures that I'm having a hard time uploading right now, or I'd get it all in one post. But I guess Paper Bear deserves it's own story. The moral of the story is, go to Texas, go to Gil's and eat a Manske Roll. That is all.


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At 4:55 AM , Blogger hapi said...

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At 7:35 AM , Blogger Twirling Towards Freedom! said...

Is that menu printed on a carcass? Also, Manske Love is only 3 digits from MAN LOVE! WOOO!


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