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The Pink Samurai: The Creative Process

The Pink Samurai

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Creative Process

So being a graphic design major in the BFA  of it all, it was ingrained into my head to sketch sketch sketch, and have thumbnails encompass my whole being before even touching the computer. Damned if my teachers aren't right.  I'm in a time crunch right now actually working for my mom. She's going to a lunch this weekend and needs business cards to pass out.  Her shop, Donna Pool Designs gets all kinds of business...and a cards are must for this event.  So here's what I've got so far:

These are super-simple sketches just to get an idea of placement for the cards and the overall layout.  I googled business card design and just saved some really cool ones that I found.  Research and gathering influences is a must for me.  I need to see what else is out there...what it is...why it works...why it sucks.  All that stuff builds into a unique design.  Along the same lines as these sketches are some for a logo for her business.  I'm going to build these designs into a whole new aesthetic for her online shop.  Please excuse the rushed nature of the sketches....again they are meant for rough ideas!  I just play around with whatever is in my head and they all kind of evolve with each thumb.  And like some, I draw something I know I'm probably going to hate, but getting it down on paper might mean that I can come back to it and make into something awesome later on.


I called her today after sending the sketches and we narrowed the card design down to the second row and the logos, if numbered going left to right, 3,4 and 6.  If that makes sense ^_^   I would love feedback!  These need to be 100% done by at the latest on Thursday.    More detailed and specific sketches come next...then color!  I'm a busy bee!


So I gave all of those sketches to Mom and I played around with the designs she liked:

She really like the top left the most, so I worked with that one and played with color and composition.   She really liked a lot of elements from each of the cards so she went to her friends in the Cafemom Etsy Moms group and got some opinions from there.  They liked the bottom two and different things about them.  So we brainstormed a little more and came up with the final version!  I took the second one's logo in the middle and the third one's information on the bottom.  Together they make sweet business card love.  And I extended the line on the top of the logo to bring it all in.

  I'm pleased.

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