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The Pink Samurai: Comic Book Advertising 101: Lesson 1

The Pink Samurai

Friday, January 09, 2009

Comic Book Advertising 101: Lesson 1

If you are a hardcore fan of comic book, a casual reader or an advertiser trying to sell to the afore mentioned demographics, this online course will be very beneficial to you.  Advertising in comic books is becoming much more prevalent.  I mean really...they are on almost every other page now. So in order to tap into your market and study the transformation in advertising we are going to focus on how the 90's handled it in this first lesson.

What you can take away from this example is how EXTREME they make it.  Comic book fans in the 90's only responded to the most extreme of advertising.  It's like they're comin' attcha!  Everyone looks a little maniacal  and I feel like Professor X is trying to fart.  So remember that.  Try to employ insanity and farts as much as possible if you're going for the 90's aesthetic.  Not really sure why a poster in the underwear package makes the briefs un-boring, but we're just gonna go with it.

And always be sure to label your advertisement as an "advertisement" because comic readers are so dumb they might actually believe this is part of the story they are reading.  Especially if the ad has nothing to do with the book in which it's published.

Next Class we'll travel back to the good ol' 60s and 70s for some REAL learning material.

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