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The Pink Samurai: Two down. Booyakasha.

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two down. Booyakasha.

A dream has been realized.  My first batch of paper!

I originally got the idea from Craft: magazine.  They had a whole spread on how to make recycled paper from your junk mail.  The materials were a little labor intensive for me to put together, so I just used a wooden frame with the screen stapled to it as my deckle.

CraftDaisies.com has an amazing Papermaking Tutorial that was very helpful.  The paper I used was just a bunch scrap paper so it turned out a little gray, but I like it.



At 2:32 PM , Blogger mellowbeing said...

Heya, that's adorable paper - I like the different colored flecks.

Also, wanted to point out that I've changed my blog link to mellowbeing.com/blog

I'm adding ya to my RSS feeds - your posts and blog are so cute!


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