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The Pink Samurai: One down...Two to go

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One down...Two to go

Dick poses with his Triumphant He-Man pillow.  After handing it to him he said, "I HAVE THE PILLOW!" lol.  

Next two on the list were the candy bag and the crochet, but I've replaced them with two others.  I was trying to sew the wrapper together with the vinyl I have but couldn't figure out a good tension or stitch length.  And my edges on the scarf were slowing getting smaller and smaller...I think next time I'll count my stitches lol.

SO!  My next two projects will be paper making and woven bag made from magazine pages.  

Pictures to come!  I'm off!

btw...buy some buttons from shop kthnxbai


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