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The Pink Samurai: Linocut makes me happy

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Linocut makes me happy

My phenomenal print teacher gave a project with linoleum earlier this semester and pretty much the whole class fell in love with it. It's linoleum like kitchen floor tiles, but a soft material that's perfect for printmaking. Cutting on wood can be supa frustrating...if you have grain that's too small then it's hard to do cross cuts and it splinters if you're rockin it too hard. Over cutting sucks too cuz once it's gone, there's no going back lol! With linoleum, it's a lot easier because there's no grain and since it's a soft material, it's self-healing. Which means if you cut too far, most of the time it heals itself. Like magic!

Here is my largest Maneki Neko:

The actual prints are still at school...they're all monochromatic teals. I heart them.


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