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The Pink Samurai: Adorn Magazine is awesome to the max

The Pink Samurai

Monday, October 08, 2007

Adorn Magazine is awesome to the max

Check out what I did today!

Remember those things from the seventies made from yarn using that line art called symmography? I didn't either, it's ok. Mom knew what I was talking about though. I got the idea from my new Adorn magazine. They have a whole write up on seventies crafts which are totally groovy. But I actually put myself to work on this one.

Lowes had great 24"x24" Red Oak (I think >_<) that I sanded and stained with Minwax, Red Mahogany, then Shelac-ed. I'm so happy I own Shelac, you have no idea. Anyway, I followed the directions on the nailing part (after complaining for about 20 minutes that I couldn't find my masking tape and saying I had to go out and get some right then because I need all things completely at once and then finding it right where I left it)...but I had more issues with the stringing. I was making it way too hard for myself, so my boyfriend, the great voice of reason, stepped in after a little mini mental break down from myself >_<. He just read the directions and showed me how to do it lol. That's why I love him! So the end result:

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At 11:37 AM , Blogger Donna said...

Now what did I always tell you about reading the directions...?! Looks great!


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