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The Pink Samurai: Fashion Designer Geek-Out in three...two...

The Pink Samurai

Friday, January 09, 2009

Fashion Designer Geek-Out in three...two...

Holy Crap!  So Dick and I went on a trip up to Philadelphia with our school for the annual College Day that the city holds.  We decided to ditch the group and go walking around the city by ourselves.  We've visited there a few times before and just enjoy being there.  So we're just strolling around looking at shops and having a good time when someone comes out of a store right next to me...
JAY MCCARROLL!  He was about 6 inches from me and all both of us could do was lose our minds for about two minutes haha.  Of course I'm kicking myself for not saying hi or asking for a picture.  I'm a big Project Runway nerd and Dick is a fan of his too!  And we absolutely went into the store he came out of. It was Lush, a store that has fresh, handmade cosmetics.  I got some shampoo, conditioner and a shower fizzy they call Emotibombs and a free one of these just because they are awesome.  Love it.

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