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The Pink Samurai: Vintage Kitten Finds

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Kitten Finds

So, I might have to change the name of this blog to, "Crazy Cat Lady Writes about Cats and Cat Related Things."  I think every post this week has featured cats in some way.  I might actually be a crazy person haha!

That being said, here's some vintage kitten things I found at the Antique Gallery of Round Rock.  There's no way I could've passed these gems up!  
Laura Busony called this a book of lies when I posted a photo on Instagram.  I whole heartedly agree with her!  It looks like this girl has the situation totally under control.

These sassy kitten prints were too ridiculous to pass up, even though the condition of a couple of them is a little rough.  The teal plastic frames were too cute and how amazing is the little cow polk?  I just can't.  They're so good!

Whenever I go out looking for new thrift stores and vintage boutiques I never know what I'll find.  That's the fun of exploring places like that.  There's so much history, so much individuality to be discovered!  It's fun to discover these hidden treasures add my own story to theirs.  Hooray for old stuff!

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At 9:13 AM , Blogger Katzi Roman said...

This is the cutest haul ever!! I love the book and the prints! Such great finds!! =^.^=


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