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The Pink Samurai: Collections • Kokeshi Dolls

The Pink Samurai

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Collections • Kokeshi Dolls

I am totally fascinated with Japanese culture (as evidenced by my blog name haha).  Japanese art history in particular is just so cool and my Kokeshi doll collection is a great example of how the culture of the time impacted the art.  They were made in the 1600s by artisans who normally specialized in tableware.  The artisans used a lathe in their regular trade and started making small dolls as souvenirs for people who would visit hot baths near their villages in the winter.  They grew in popularity and started to spread all over Japan.

I found this amazing video of different artists who still make them today.  It's so cool to see them take shape and see how each artist decorates their work differently.

Some of mine are newer and mass-produced, others are vintage and handmade.  I've gotten them as gifts from Andy, as thrift store finds and as vintage boutique treasures.  Some even have hand drawn signatures on the bottom and would LOVE to find the artists who made them! 

I don't really have any favorites because each one is so different, it would just be impossible to choose.  I love all my girls, and one boy, equally!

This is an ever-growing collection and I can't resist a new one when I find it.  It's just physically impossible.  So if you ever see one you think is cute, let me know!  I always need more help scouting them out ^_^

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