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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday • Antique Gallery of Round Rock

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Thrifty Thursday • Antique Gallery of Round Rock

Antique Gallery of Round Rock
address : 1601 S. IH 35, Round Rock, TX 78664
hours :  Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm | Sunday 12pm - 6pm

I decided to hop outside of the Austin city limit this week and visit an antique mall in Round Rock.  Just to the North, Round Rock is a popular suburb of Austin and had a really good ladies high school basketball team in the late 90s that we totally beat when I was a sophomore.  Just sayin'.

Anyway, I headed over to this antique mall looking for a specific dealer that caught my eye while searching online.  The Vintage Vault looked like they had lots of fun stuff, and honestly, I thought they were a stand-alone shop.  I was surprised when I saw the address took me to a whole mall.  But it was a pleasant surprise because that meant there was even more to look at!

When I first walked it, I was drawn to the seemingly endless wall of cabinets to the right.  The whole space was nice and airy, which can be hard to find in an antique mall.  Nice wide aisles and fun oldies playing over the speaker made it a very welcoming space.
There were so many amazing gems!  This is just one of the cabinets full of vintage ladies that needed to come home with me.  One of each, please.  They were actually pretty expensive, in the $100-200 range.  But the whole cabinet was 50% off, so I might hop back for at least one.  The discounts were common throughout the long row of cabinets, so definitely be sure to remember than when you're shopping.

The selection here was varied and typical from what you'd find in any antique mall.  But it just seemed like there were more things I got really excited about.  And they were less expensive than I was used to.  I ended up getting quite a few fun little things for myself!  It's like I found some kind of secret spot that I really shouldn't be telling you about because now you'll go and buy up all the good stuff before I can go back.

How phenomenal is that sting ray pin?!  This particular booth, Jewels in Time,  had piles and piles of unique brooches and rings.  I got a couple of things from them because everything was so different!  The owners were there, which was lucky for me because they're usually only at the booth on the weekends.  We chatted about cat pins and where else they sell their jewels.  When you visit, please stop by this booth!  Their prices were reasonable and there's so much to choose from.  You know, at least one big vintage shop in Austin sources some of their jewelry from here! I'm definitely going back.

I was excited to find some vintage clothing along the back wall while looking around.  It was mostly 70s when I stopped by and some really great sweaters.  How cute are those tags, by the way?

So this model has a crazy story.  I don't know if you can read the tag, but it says that this was made by serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.  Paul Ogden, the owner of the booth, has the papers from the prison and everything.  I thought it was creepy and really interesting.  This booth, called Generalist, also had a table that was in the Paramount theater in Austin the 30s.  Very cool and eclectic mix of stuff!  It's nice to meet someone who really appreciates the history of their items.  I think it adds so much to the story.

I'm already planning my next trip to the Antique Gallery of Round Rock and crossing my fingers that what I want is still there.  I just can't gush enough about the quality of what they've got here.  If you're willing to look a bit and peek through all the booths, I know you'll find something you love! 

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